3 reasons to delay the start of business! Risk  taken

3 reasons to delay the start of business! Risk taken

3 reasons to delay the start of business! Risk has taken

I’ve met many people who have talked about starting my dream business, planning for hours  that’s just starting to work from next month but when I’m 6 months later Even if they meet them, then they also know that they are going to start their work from next month. Maybe it has happened to you that you have to wear a lot of dreams with a great idea But a step, in reality, can not be further advanced !!!

Why is it so that we think of starting a business, NGO or organization, but for some reason, this work stops and we remain the same?

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Today in this post I am sharing with you three such reasons which prevent us from proceeding, but actually, there is no special requirement before starting any business:

1) Perfect plan:


Many times people want to understand a little one before starting something, especially those who are highly educated … They want to do everything in the right way from start to end. more does not go into that just tend to remain stuck in the same go. But the real world, you’re much too soon then the difference in the ground -the reality is planning … so there is no need to be a perfectionist in vain.


Man learns during most things work, so you enter not wait to be a perfect plan … a raw start their work with the thick rough plan form and go forward while facing the coming challenges.


Sony’s company you know … When Ibuka and Morita said it was planning to sell the beginning was the company’s Electric Rice Cooker, but he did not succeed .. … go. But Today the company more than one electronic Equipment make me, even when I started AKC, I did not even think that I would publish Hindi Quotes … but today I get the most traffic due to this reason.


When you start to work … Then gradually you add takes assemble ..and when you start to assemble it yourself -bkhud takes you to ideas to cure him … so already make a perfect road map Not necessarily because it is almost certain that you may have to plan your plans according to the circumstances and opportunities.


Instead of planning for 1 year instead of planning a month, you can start a business by doing a plan. What will be more than that … you will fail … but this is better than never starting work … and on the other side The perfect plan also gives you success, it is not guaranteed as well. So, it is better to start

2) Ideal Condition:

Some people do not even start their work because they keep waiting for an ideal situation… You can hear something like this from such people –

“Just get lost in rainy season … .Then start again ..”; “Once you find the right partner, then everything else is ready …”; “Admit the child after that 100% work will start ..”

 It may be that the reason for not starting the occasion is genuine, but it is to be noted that we are not avoiding the work by making excuses for useless.

And if we talk about becoming an entrepreneur to the then another important question really – getting impressed that arises we want to make a start or just as a style statement and show the others are doing it So it is good to drop the idea of doing business.

Friends, Ideal conditions are in labs … and we have to work in the real world outside the lab, so waiting for such conditions is useless … we should start our work even if it is a normal start.

3) Some unnecessary time wasters:


Many times some people who genuinely want to establish a business or organization, are stuck in small things and waste their energy where such places should not be. For example, at the beginning of the work, some people want to make him a related website and have trouble for that… While there is no need for it, you can do this work later … yes if you are too concerned So just have a domain name on your site, but do not go for a whole round of making it a functional site … .Yes if your business is the only internet related then the matter is different.


Take another example, people spend too much time in making the company’s logo, punch line, etc. and spend weeks in the process of deciding it. According to me, you thought of the name of your company/organization is enough to start this work. It’s good that you start with everything. 

Only want to streamline but if this is hampering your beginning, then what is the benefit of it … … most organizations start very normally, but once their work is done then they establish their brand. Bill Gates had also named his company “Micro-Soft” first, which later changed to “Microsoft”.


 See, it is necessary that we do that so that we can create value for our customers. If instead of buying potato potatoes and spices, spend time in this matter, what color will it be, what will it get from it? … Ultimately, the quality of licking will make it’s business successful or unsuccessful.

I do not say that these things are useless … they are also important … but it is not necessary to be all up to date from the beginning.

At the beginning of the work, we should sort out the important and not so important things and take up all our energy and focus on completing important tasks.

I hope if you are missing out on similar reasons for starting any work, then now it will not do…

 All the best for your future ventures !!!


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