Here are the seven challenges that will shape our 2020s

  7 challenges to hear the heart!

Challenges in Following Your Heart in English


We often hear that we should listen to our heart … in the work that we feel it should … should follow our passion …, that should make our career … etc. These things are absolutely right, I have also emphasized these things in some of my articles, but there is a truth that most of us do not do this. So the question arises: Why do most people who find it easily in life accept their fate and just spend their lives cheaply?


This probably happens because the heart is not easy to hear … there are many challenges in it, and today I am sharing my thoughts about you about such challenges. My motive for sharing these is that if you are from those who are engaged in fulfilling their dreams or are going to be in the future then do not be afraid of these challenges … you are not alone with them … every man in your gene faces more or less in challenges, some go ahead and some give up. Now it depends on you what you do !!!

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So let us know these 7 challenges

Challenges in Following Your Heart in English

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1) Society’s opposition:

If your passion is off the leak, then you should be prepared to oppose society. The biggest opposition can be from your family … because they worry about you the most. In particular, middle-class families where jobs are considered to be the safest, if you think of doing some entrepreneurial, then the family gets against you.

Their protest demonstrates this fact of human nature that we are afraid to accept unknown or something new… But when you are engaged in your work than those people slowly come forward to help you. So understand this initial opposition as part of the process and do not panic at it. As far as possible try to get your family into confidence, do not even think of the rest.

2) Friends go ahead


Everyone has their own friend circle, there is a lot of fun, there is a tension of examination … we grow up and then take a so-called race of life … .. Most people adopt conventional wisdom, doctor, engineers, government jobs … etc and they are successful in late.


If you really wanted to do this with heart, then there is no harm in it… Always listen to the heart … .singer, cricketer or an actor does not have to be… It can also be an engineer, become a doctor and serve the country. And in another case it is also right to do – when you are not clear what you really want to do in life, you can choose this path too. At least you will be financially secure, which is very important.


Challenge comes when you are clear about your life goals, and get out on your way. And it can happen at any stage of life, if it happens first then it is fine, but most of these clarity comes from a while, so when you move in this direction then you find that you have just started and you have started The rest of the friends followed a traditional path and have grown towards a well-settled life (in the eyes of society).


Here you can get a little confused, doubt in your mind that people of your age are earning so much money and you are still struggling … .. it may seem that you are not doing anything wrong And here you have to be scared.


Believe in your work, the lives of these distractions are very small, if you are really passionate about your work, then you will soon overcome them. When Amitabh Bachchan got a break in films for the first time at the age of 27-28, many of his classmates had settled in good jobs till then, in such a way, the questions would have arisen in them, but he himself made those distractions Not allowed to dominate and became such a great actor.

Do not be disturbed by the excitement of others too… The horses of long races start running slowly.

3) The long wait for success

Many times people reach the very nearness of success and accept defeat. You have to pay attention that you reach your work, it takes time to do any work, and when the work is big, then the time is also bigger.

When founder Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), did not listen more than thousand times when he wanted to convince people for his business idea. He roamed from one city to another in his car and continued to meet the restaurant owners and during this time,

The car itself had to sleep. But even after not listening so much, he was sure to have a secret recipe to make his own chicken and he succeeded on the right and today KFC is known worldwide as a successful brand.Adventure, Height, Climbing, Mountain

4) Your heart’s work is financially rewarding… Anything can be done:

Maybe whatever you are passionate about, give you satisfaction but do not give so much money. For example, you want to work as a social activist or want to give your time for an NGO. In such a case, you will have to make your mind in advance that you are getting what cannot be found with money and with this thought you have to be engaged in your work.

Here’s one thing I would like to say that even in such fields when you are fully involved in the work, you get financially rewarded even if you are involved in it, you are selflessly engaged in your work, your job is your reward.

 5) Boredom

It is also possible that you do not want to think that your passion has ended but finding new ways and ideas to make your work interesting. needed. In some days, self-borne boredom will end and you will be able to pursue your dream again with the same passion.

So keep in mind that every successful person who listens to his heart passes through this phase, so if you also pass through this phase then just be relaxed … This is also a hindrance in the way of success.

6) Focus Lashing:

I think this is the biggest challenge that most dreams do not complete. Many times like me you might have heard people say, “Well begun is half done… It is hard to take the first step, after all, it is … .etc” but I think it is easy to take the first step, You can start any work by putting some effort … it is difficult to complete it, it has to succeed.

What is it that you grow on the path of your heart with full energy, but after some distance, you start seeing a lot of new alternatives… Your mind starts to think that perhaps by leaving this work, It will be good … then you are less focused on what you are doing … you start attracting towards the other idea … and by doing so, you can not give 100% of what you are doing. And ultimately remain away from success. It is therefore important that you reach your beginning, do not lose your focus in the middle.Achieve, Woman, Girl, Jumping, Running

Swami Vivekananda has also given this mantra to succeed.

Take a thought. Make that idea your life – think of her, look at her dreams, live that idea. Let your brain, muscles, nerves, all parts of the body drown in that thought, and keep all the thoughts aside. This is the way to be successful.

7) Knowing what you are doing is not your passion:

Shockingggg !!! But this is a very common scenario, even if you yourself accept it by accepting it.

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We are changing every moment every day, we do not know our true liking till we see that work practically. We start reading an article, watching a program, under the influence of a friend, or some other reason, and accepting some work as a passion, but after some days we start boiling with that work, to the extent that we do not want to do it. It’s like something a bit like Boredom, but this is a very big and impaired form of boredom in which you slowly start looking for excuses not to do that work.


What to do when this happens? Simple, start your new passion and start practicing it too, and if you feel that this is not the sound of your heart, then you will be able to find your true obsession. It is better to do the work of absurdity throughout life that you can find your passion at the right time and unless you get it, you may continue to do anything else to support yourself financially, maybe a 9 to 5 job … teaching tuition … family business … .etc, but do not stop the lock of your passion … Find it out … One day this quest will take you out of mediocre life and lead to a superior life.


Friends, these were seven challenges that you might face in listening to the heart’s voice, but keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list, apart from this, there are many more challenges that you may face, such as Lack of money, family responsibilities, etc. But in spite of all these passionate people pass by doing everything they do

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