How to Apply the Law of Attraction in English

How to Apply the Law of Attraction in English

Madhusudan ji could not sleep for two days. Reason? Whenever you go to sleep, you remember some old things. Ayodhya talks!

She was from a poor family. Twenty years ago the householders sent Ayodhya for reading. He got admission in Saket College. There was a living and eating arrangement in an ashram.

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How to apply the law of attraction in English

There are many such monasteries and ashrams in Ayodhya, where the poor students read while staying. In the work of the ashram, they give hands. Madhusudan was very hard-working and friendly. Soon the best dissolves.

The chief of the ashram was a Swami ji. Major scholars of Sanskrit Followers of education Motivational Personality. Authentic Speech. Age fifty-five years But in youthfulness and enthusiasm such as youths The education of the students was the most beloved of them.

Madhusudan soon became a dear student of Swami Ji. Doing college studies in fervent days. In the evening, Saru bath with Swami ji and then Hanumanji visited Hanumanjan! Then came back from the Kanak Bhavan, carrying offerings and returning to the Ashram! During this time, knowledge science keeps going. Though there was no particular interest in Madhusudan’s religion, he was influenced by Swami Ji’s personality and knowledge.

Swamiji said one thing equally

Law of attraction girl and boy

 “Jahin Ke Jehu Satya Sanehu, So Teeh Milihin Na Kachhu Dakshu”


“This is a four-cornered chest of Ramcharit Manas. According to this, if someone wishes anything with a true mind, then he gets it “law of attraction relationships

“How is that?”

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“From the principle of attraction”

“I did not understand”

“Look at what happens when you want something with a true heart! You get drowned in her thoughts. Night and day, just think twice in the morning! According to the thoughts, your deeds start to happen. As the thoughts and actions become unified, the person becomes eligible for that object or circumstance. After the eligibility comes, that thing keeps it together”law of attraction relationships

“Is there any simple way to benefit from this principle?

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“Yes. By praying to God regularly and with a sincere heart, we can do this principle of attraction in our life “What will happen if we pray?”

“The scattered power of the mind will be centered on a goal. Mental energy will increase. Increased mental strength will lead to firmness in deeds. It will lead to persistence goal “

“What will happen all by thinking?”

“No. Not until the true prayer to God is achieved for achieving the goal. This lock is deliberately applied by nature so that people can not fulfill their wrong desires through mental power. “

Such arguments – the arguments remained on the move. Madhusudan thought this theory was a fantasy. At the same time Swamiji had strong faith that in order to fulfill his desires, we should pray to God. If that desire is beneficial then God will fulfill it because his reserves are Akshay and infinite. Whenever a person falls ill in the ashram, Swamiji definitely makes a mass of attraction relationships

Time went on. Madhusudan Ji’s education was completed A good government post has been appointed in Lucknow. He rumored in the new circumstances.

Twenty-two years flew by the wings. The relationship with the ashram was completely broken. But there was a unique thing for two days! Whenever you were lying on the bed, you would miss Swamiji!

He took the number of a trustee of the ashram. talked to. It is known that Swami Ji is heard very little from the ears.

Madhusudan’s mind wished. Swami Ji should give Hearing Aid. He talked to a specialist doctor living in his neighborhood. Meet them with an audiologist at their address. Bought ear machine Understand how to run and fit it

After returning home at night, they made a decision. Tomorrow will go to of attraction relationships

The next day, very early in the morning. At eight o’clock in the morning, they reached the ashram. At that time the students were having breakfast in the morning.

The conversation started with a student.

“How old is Swamiji?”

“OK, but now it does not hear from ears”“The treatment was not done”“The doctor came to see. The ear machine is said ““Now the machine must have been?”“How will it look! In Ayodhya or Faizabad, there was no electronic machine of the ear. It is available only in Lucknow ““Not supplied from Lucknow?”“Swami says, money is for the students of the ashram. If they really need this machine then God will send it from Lucknow itself ““good!!!!”“Yes. We have been praying every evening from the past three days to the ashrams that diagnose the problem of God Swamiji “


Madhusudan ji was having vibrations like in the whole body. He went to Swami Ji’s room with that student. They were very old. The memory was also reduced. Hardly able to recognize Madhusudan He had a doctor’s license on the adjacent table. He had written the name of the hearing aid of the same power and brand which he had brought from Lucknow!

Madhusudan ji could not stop his tears. So did he come to Ayodhya in response to God’s prayer! The power of prayer is so immense, they were feeling it today!


Wished to give unexpected hearing aid in his mind! He liked a typical brand and Power’s expensive hearing aid! They came to Ayodhya! All this happened with the power of prayer, which exists in the heart of every human being! Today, he got a direct proof of this.


Madhusudan placed the machine in the ear of Swamiji. Well, set everything up. Explained to the student accompanying Now Swamiji could listen comfortably.


After a while, I asked for the command to walk after the conversation. Swamiji gave him the offerings of renowned sons of Hanumangari for the whole family. By bowing down to Swamiji, when he walked through the ashram, his heart was completely peaceful