How to Make Cotton Candy Business of Sweets Sweet?

A few days back, I was roaming in the Gorakhpur market. At 6 o’clock in the evening, I was talking to a roadside vendor, just about his business, when there was a ton of tons of tones in Kano, it was a well-known voice; Looked at the middle age of Rui’s pink balls selling a man.

I went close to him, and asked, “Can I take a photo of you?

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He said “Yes” with a smile.

That’s where we started talking about this business, which today I am sharing with you all.

Conversation with Cotton Candy / Cotton Candy seller

your name?

Air Dessert Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Hawa Mithai Seller

Premchand ji returning from selling cotton candy


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What is this thing that you are selling?

It is called “air sweet” or “old hair”, some also call it cotton candy.

How are you doing this work?

From 1 year

What did you do before?


Does this work have more money than wages?


Hard work?

Hard work is more than wages. Because if you have to sell goods you have to walk throughout the day, if you sit then will not sell.

Where are you living?

Of Mau District

So why do not you do this job at all, why are you in Gorakhpur?

There, it will not work much, work is done in the big city, there is no sale in the small place.

How did you come to this business?

Just like those who sell them all, we also started selling them. A person of a known person works just to get involved with it.

How do you do it?

We carry goods from nearby Kali-Mandir every morning and sell them and roam around. The number of goods sold, in the evening we get half of it and the rest has to be given.

So do you have to deposit some security in return for the goods?

No, they only give to well-known people to sell the goods.

Meaning you did not have any money to start it?

No, even this rod, which we put in packets of air and sweets, and this bill also gives the same material to them.

How much do you earn from this work every day?

The goods are sold, the more we sell the goods, we get half of it. About 80-100 packets are sold on the day that they work. That means the goods sold up to 8 hundred thousand rupees and we get half of it, i.e. 4-5 hundred rupees.

Do you do this work every day?

No, if you do every day, you will get sick, you have to rest for 1-2 days in a week.

Meaning you work 22-24 days in a month and earn 9-10 thousand rupees?


Friends, if we remove the gist of this conversation, then it is understood that work to sell air and sweet can be started without putting one penny. Hard work is very much because since there is a lot to sell, but if someone does this, then it can earn ten to twelve thousand months.

After talking to Premchand ji, there was a question in my mind – “If Premchand earns so much then how much will it earn from the place from which these goods are being brought?”

And to get an answer to this question, I went to the lane of Kali Temple 3-4 days after which Premchand ji told me about it.

At first, it was not known that there was no work to make air-sweets in that street, but many people asked, but no one knew, only then a ton-ton tonne was heard and I was in the same direction Moving up After half a kilometer walk, I reached the place where this work was done.

Frankly, I did some very good imagery, but it was a very simple house, which was used to rent its upper floors.

And the owner of this business was Sivabachan ji who was fortunately present at that time. Then what started the talk:

Cotton Candy / Cotton Candy Maker

What is the biggest challenge of doing this business?

man. It is very difficult to find a man to do this work. Those who do also often run away from their villages or leave such leave. If 5 men do regular work, that means, taking a one-half holiday in the week can be 30-40 thousand months. As an honner, you have to give 5-6 hours for this work, which mainly make air-sweets and pack it.

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Do you do any work besides this?

Yes, even more work has to be done because this business is a cold weather business, we will do it from February till Holi, meaning February-March. This sweet will dissolve in more heat and you will not be able to sell it.

If anybody wants to start this work, how much money will it need?

Cotton Candy Air Dessert Machine

Sabahan ji’s machine

The main expenditure, in this case, is of the machine itself. You will get 7-8 thousand rupees for making a machine. The rest, sugar, spirits, food colors, the plastic foil will all be in five hundred thousand.

How much do you earn from this business?

No one is right, I earn a profit of 30 thousand rupees, and if there are weddings, fairs, and fairs, then in the same day, two and a half thousand rupees are used.

How long does it take to prepare goods for a day?

It takes 4-5 hours. In order to make it, we seek help from those who sell it and roam it.

The boys who sell you with goods, how much do they earn?

Earns earn 15 thousand months, but if someone does the right thing then he can earn 8-10 thousand rupees.

Does anyone own this and sell himself these sweets?

Yes, of course, I sometimes go to sell myself too. When you sell yourself and sell it, you get 80% profit. That is, if I have made goods of Rs 1000 and sold it myself, then I have the advantage of 800. However, if I give it to a boy to sell it, then at first it takes half of that, that is 500, else the other costs are the cost of making it and there are also expenses, so around three and a half hundred Only finds it

Is there a trick to do good in this business?

Yes, if you are experienced you can sell well. If you are in the right place at the right time, the goods will be sold. As soon as they are present there at the time of school left, children will buy, in the same way in the park where children play, the wind and sweets sell well even after roaming around them. Along with that, you must also know about the fairs in your neighborhood. You can earn well in fairs.

And yes, a very important thing on which these people do not pay attention – you should go to the customer by taking a bath with a good bath and wearing clean clothes, this will increase your cell.

If someone has to start this business then what does he have to do?

Since air confectioner does not get anywhere in the market, you must first catch a bandage that works like this. With the help of this, you will be able to make this machine.

To make a machine you have to go to a blacksmith, when you show him a pre-existing machine, then he will make another machine of the same type. Using machine is also not a big deal and it is working, someone doing this kind of work Experienced person can be learned from

Apart from the machine, you will need these things:



Spirits (using some other fuel, sweet will look dirty, you will get up to 5 liters in 325 rupees, and it will last for 2-3 days

Eating pink

Plastics can be packed (115kg / kg)

Stick (if sold in a stick)

Keep this in mind when cleaning it, if the dirt comes from anywhere, the color of sweets will not appear clean and it will be difficult to sell the goods.

In the end, I thanked Sibabachan ji for sharing important things related to this business and giving good tea and moving out of his house.

Information from the internet

When I came home, I checked about this business on the Internet. The most important thing to know is that you can buy this machine if you wish:


Modern air dessert machine (Rs. 15k-20k)

You can get it in 15 to 20 thousand rupees. You can check about this here.

The machine used by Sibabachan ji is non-licensed and perhaps it is difficult to use them, and therefore they are made in 7-8 thousand rupees.

Also, by watching these videos you can understand how this work is done.

Friends, I think this is a business that anyone can do. If you do not have money, then you can meet important business leaders for a few months by joining with an air-sweet business owner and then by raising your money, you can work on buying this machine yourself.

And if you have money, then you can start this work by purchasing a modern machine.

It is also not necessary that you work only on the selling model. You can also work by putting your stall on a point. And if you want to spend time in this work just in the wedding-mails and other days. On such occasions, you can earn up to 3-4 thousand rupees in a few hours.

So this was about the information about cotton candy or air sweet business. I hope you will be benefited from this information, and at the very least, some people will be able to start their own business with this business idea.        

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