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Welcome to entrepreneurship An entrepreneur has to do everything.

In the next two days, I spent 6-7 hours with Saurabh ji and wanted to know, “How to start a restaurant”, how to start a restaurant? “

Friends, this was a very different experience for me, I got to know a lot and enjoyed it too much. And I thank Saurabh Shrivastav ji for this. He gave me many things related to the honest and leisurely restaurant business.

And in this English business article, I will try to get information from them in simple words to you.

Saurabh ji is about 37 years old and he belongs to middle-class background. Before joining the business, he had worked as a manager in some insurance companies. On 24 January 2013, he started the “Kathi Junction” (KJ) franchise, in Gorakhpur.

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What is Kathi Junction?

KJ is a chain of restaurants that are known for rolls. Forex: Egg rolls, paneer rolls, chicken rolls, etc.

Why Food Business?

 but Because his wife, Mrs. Alka Srivastava, who teaches in a government school; From the beginning, they wanted to have their own restaurant and Saurabh ji by nature is a foodie; Many rolls sold in KJ have their own inventions. 🙂

And one of the major reasons for coming into the business is also that they want to build something for their two daughters who can give them financial independence.

The current state of the business?

Because Saurabh ji first started his restaurant where he did not have much footfall due to the new customers, he has not been able to make profits so far. And they have to spend 20 thousand rupees with their pockets to run it every month. In the month of December 2015, they have shifted their restaurant to a better market place, where people walking on the road are approaching them by visiting the restaurant.

If you want to open your restaurant, watch this YouTube video carefully, everything shown in it points to some business needs. I hope it helps!

Friends, I am surprised to know that their business has not been able to come in profit, but now on changing the location, they are quite optimistic that in some months they will be in a good condition. And because of their optimism, I also got to see When I saw the Visitor’s Feedback, people were very much appreciated by Rolls and many people had arrived at the new location even after searching their shop. That means they already have many satisfied customers, just need to add new ones and customers who are getting them every day from this new location. And once these numbers increase, earning 1.5 lakhs and 1.5 crore rupees can be reached for the earning of one and a half lakhs per month.

I asked for three years to stay in loss, how are you still?

So he gave a very straightforward answer –Restaurant, People, Eating, Socializing


                           ” I have no choice but to make this business a success “

I think, within which it is thinking that it is successful only on the right.

Where to raise money to start the restaurant?

Saurabh ji had a habit of saving from the beginning. From an early age, he had opened many mutual fund SIPs and started this business from him.

How much time does it take for this work?

Every morning, from 10 am to 12 pm, you have to give about 14 hours. Just open on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the restaurant for half time.

This is the reason why Saurabh G. advises to be a manager, otherwise on one side you will get a lot of workloads and on the other hand, you will not get time for any of the parties, birthdays, parent-teachers meeting and anything else. Social life will be spoiled.

To start a restaurant or food business or any business you should take a loan or should you hire your savings?

First, you should try for a loan. You can create a project for the bank

And how much are your earnings from this business right now?

Saurabh ji told that to run the business, about 20 thousand rupees per month is to be paid by his pocket, i.e. we can consider his earnings to be almost 1.6 lakhs.

But here we have to understand that the potential for their earnings is very high, if the restaurant goes right, then the earnings can increase manifold.

How much does running cost per month to run such a restaurant?

From 1.5 to 2 million.

Let’s see the bifurcation:

Rent the shop: 30000 per month

Salary per month

1 Cook: 12000

1 Helper (which has Almost Cook-like accessories: 10000

1 Cleaner: 4000

2 waiters: 6000 per waiter = 12000

1 Delivery Boy: 6000 (To Deliver Rolls To The House)

1 Manager: 6000 (six thousand only)

If the staff is outside, then it has to be arranged for eating and living.

The total expenditure on staff is average: 60000 to 70000 per month

Daily Raw material – Vegetable, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cylinders, chicken, spices, etc. 2500 ie 75 thousand months

Other expenses: 10000

Total: 30000 + 70000 + 75000 + 10000 = 185000 per month

OMG! I had never thought that it would have cost so much … perhaps you too have not thought. But this is the reality.

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And the other thing that I felt quite astonishing – the manager and waiter’s pay was the same, while the waiter gets a tip too, that means the waiter earns more than the manager … what a revelation! I thought maybe this is just for this restaurant, but it was not known that there is a similarity between good hotels.

 explained that this is because the waiter’s work in our society is considered to be small work. If you get vacancies for the manager, then 100 people will come, but if you take vacancies for the waiter, then only people will come! I.e. the demand and supply is the affair!


Well, one thing and when I asked that the staff is local right or outsiders (from another city), they told the outsider more accurately – the reason that they do not disappear every day by making excuses that the child is sick, going to a marriage It is, etc. And after coming to work, it does not stay too early to go home, which is right for the restaurants that run at 10-11 o’clock in the night. The local holiday too takes too much, it keeps on going too fast and also shows bouts.

And how much are your earnings from this business right now?

Saurabh ji told that to run the business, about 20 thousand rupees per month is to be paid by his pocket, i.e. we can consider his earnings to be almost 1.6 lakhs.

But here we have to understand that the potential for their earnings is very high, if the restaurant goes right, then the earnings can increase manifold.

What to do for advertising/promotion?Breakfast, Food, Eating, Meal, Morning

says about ads:

Of the 100, 95 are closed within 6 months of opening the restaurant. Advertisements are important for Survival … Branding through ads will take 4-5 years for you to do without ads. The old saying is, “It looks like it sells ..” And if you have to show it then you have to advertise.

Promotional Methods :

1) Handbill/pamphlet in newspapers:

Saurabh G considers it the most cost-effective advertising method. For this, you have to print a pamphlet or handbill with a printing press.

According to quality, printing can take 75-80 paise per pamphlet from 35-40 paise. Generally, people print them in thousands.

Once the pamphlet is printed, you need to take them in the morning and at around 4 pm to go to a place where hawkers collect the newspaper. Generally, this happens around the railway station, bus stand and this is done in some other major places of the city.

Hawker charges ten to 15 rupees, i.e per hundred pamphlet charges.

For this work you go yourself and put your bill/pamphlet in front of your eyes in newspapers, otherwise, this activity can be useless.

2) By taking hoardings on good sites:

Its this method is also good but there are lots of money in it. It is difficult to find a good site in less than 25-30 thousand months. At the moment, he is not adopting this method.

3) Facebook Ads:

This is a modern way and Saurabh ji is getting benefit from it. They are spending $ 2 per day in it. In these aids, you are targeting your local area and are reaching out to the people.

4) By adding advertisements in newspapers:

also an expensive way, therefore Saurabhji is not currently using it.

5) Google Adwords:

Its method has not yet tried it, but now it is thinking of trying it.

6) Radio FM:

This is also a good option for reaching masses. Saurabh ji is using it.

For this, he has bought 10 slots of 6-6 seconds throughout the day, which will continue for one month. The cost of this is 15 to 20 thousand months. You do not have to do anything differently to create AIDS, you get your ad record from one of your radio artists and they keep playing.

7) By faxing the flex banner:

This is also a cheap way of promotion. Time to time Saurabh ji uses it.

In this, you have to print flakes and they have to be tipped on key locations, such as the city’s main intersection, market, etc. There is no money for such places, but it is also not guaranteed that the banner will be installed until tomorrow. Also note that if you are using any of your municipal property, such as electricity, etc., you may have to pay for it.

You can get printing from 6 to 10 rupees per square feet and you will have to pay per banner 50-60 rupees, which will be a hanging banner.

Who will hang up?Bar, Pub, Restaurant, Drinking, Counter

The address of such people will give you the flex. One thing to keep in mind is that the banner itself will be sent or sent to any person. Otherwise, the hangers will disappear by hanging around here.

What are the formalities to be done?

If you are opening a restaurant or food joint, then you must take care of these things:

You will need to get a license from The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). There are many types of licenses that you will have to see which is right for you. Saurabh Ji had taken the license of State Level, whose fee was Rs. 2500 per annum. However, practically you may have to give it up to twice as much amount. India is friends!

 You must take a Tax-Payer Identification Number (TIN) from your State Department of Commercial Tax. It is used for processing Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax is around 12.5%.

If your restaurant has an AC, you will have to pay service tax to the government from day one. It is around 14.5%. Even if you do not have an AC, you have to pay this tax after getting a certain level of sales.

Since you will keep people here at your work, you have to register in the Labor Department.

For a restaurant, you will have to take a commercial connection from the Electricity Department.

You also have to take a connection of water from the municipal corporation.

 You have to take a no objection certificate (NOC) from the Fire Department and keep a fire extinguisher in your restaurant, which you can get in two to three thousand rupees.

For a gas cylinder, you also have to get a commercial connection from a gas agency.

Oops … I have to do all this … I did not think so … maybe you have not even thought … but you have to do it!

What is the importance of a chef for a restaurant?

Cook or chef plays a big role in the food and business, many times the restaurant closes in the affair, so it is very important to manage them properly. And men cook The helper with which should be trained so that they handle everything in the absence of the cook. The chef Kathi Junction offers only Saurabh ji.


How the waiter and rest staff should be arranged?

For this, you have to depend on your contacts. Tell the people as much as possible that you want a waiter, cleaner, delivery boy. You can also contact organizations that offer manpower. Like in Gorakhpur, you can contact Parvati services institute.

Can a particular type of education be beneficial for coming into the Food Business?

Studying Hotel Management can prove to be very effective for this. But this should not happen and there is a passion for “eating” inside you. You can do good even if you are interested. You can understand the nutritional and eating habits of Youtube as well.

Biggest Mistake / biggest mistake

The biggest mistake happened from Saurabh ji that when he opened Kathi Junction for the first time, he selected a wrong rented location and then put a lot of money in his beautification. By doing this, a psychological pressure of continuing over them, and perhaps for the same reason, about two years later, they could take steps to move on a better location.

If someone has decided that he has to open a food joint or restaurant, what should he do?

He has to do these things:

Step 0: Decide whether you will go to fast-food or open a restaurant with proper dining. And also think whether you will take any franchise or start your own restaurant. Study the things you think about, whatever you think, meet people who are doing the same thing.

If you are thinking about franchisee then you can visit

Step 1: Financial Planning or Capital Budgeting. Calculate the total amount of money you can make for your business.

There are several sources of money:



Your FD


Mutual funds

Bank deposit


real estate

Other savings

Before you start the business, you should have a rough estimate of how much money you have for the investment. Do not be over-optimistic in this exercise, just count the things about which you are totally convinced.

Step 2: Make a budget allocation

Plan what the money will cost. You can fluctuate the budget in some broad categories:

Franchise Fee (If taking franchisees, Saurabh ji took about 3.5 lakhs in this work.)

Shop rent / turban / advance

Shop interior-furniture, decoration, lighting, painting, etc.

Kitchens, related utensils, utensils,

Advertisement Budget


Running cost of at least 6 months, it will also be a bigger amount

Unseen expenses

Cushion amount


At the same time, you can also estimate the fixed cast of your every month.

Fixed cost such as store rent, staff salaries, etc. This is the cast that you will have to bear every month whether you open the shop or not. Apart from this, the expenses incurred each month will be in variable cost.

Cushion Amount: Generally, the amount you think will cost 20 to 40 percent more. So you also keep part of your allocation in this head. You should try that you do not have to touch this part.

Step 3: Set Target Dates

Now, you set a date in your mind about which day you want to open the restaurant and work it accordingly.

Step 4: Execution

Now you have to do many things together … every one of the entrepreneurs has to do!

Finding the right location for a shop

Shop name

Decide the menu

Recruit staff

Shop dyeing – interior decoration

Take furniture

Taking utensils and machinery

Printing related work

To work hard

Planning about promotions


Step 5: Inauguration

After completing all the steps of Step 4, you will be ready for the inauguration of your brand new restaurant. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Decide the date of the opening

Print Invitation Card

Selecting Chief Guest and inviting them

Time card

Arrange pundits and worship items

Plan what each person will do on this day.


Saurabh ji told two very important things related to the inauguration:

Never keep the inauguration around such a time when there is a VIP movement in the city. On the very next day of the opening of Kathi Junction, many meetings had been blocked due to the rally of Narendra Modi, and Saurabh ji was unable to inject several people.

When Saurabh ji did not have the first order, he was not prepared that what would be the process of taking orders and sending it to the kitchen. You must always remember this time while opening.

It would be better to drill a mock together with your staff to see how the chief guest will come, who will welcome them, who will be on reception, how to order, and keeping all the things that can happen on that day Do a role play kind of activity. This will save you from the embarrassment happening on the inauguration day.

Negative Planning:

However, Saurabh ji did not make such a plan himself, but he advises that even before starting a business, a negative plan should also be done. Meaning if our venture gets flop … business fails what to do in that case.

Some terms and conditions related to the failure can include wherever you have legal issues. like

In case of failure, you can be conditioned to return full fees or a large part of the franchise.

If the business owner fails to give you any condition to return advance, even if the store owner fails.


How difficult is it to leave Job and get into the business?

Is quite challenging. You have to change your mindset your thought-process a lot. Where you have limited responsibilities in the office and after one time you can feel free yourself, there is always something in the business – you have to do fifty things, do not give the family time Finds physical and harassment and tension too. In the first few years, all this has to be done, but after all, everything will be smoothed.

Your advice for new entrants:

Those who are looking for a business in this business, it is the advice of Saurabhji that the location should be selected correctly and if there is a right place to own a property then start the restaurant there. By doing so, the chances of success will increase 50%.

Some other important things:

During this talk, Saurabh ji told some more important things that any entrepreneur who came to the food business should know:

Make a lot of balance with the staff, do not be too strict or too soft.

The profit comes when the volume increases in the food business, so try to reach as many people as possible. Every customer is important, behave well with everyone, develop a pleasant personality .10. You can do more harm than an unsatisfied customer alone.

A “Today’s Special Board” should be set in the restaurant. Usually, whatever you write on it sells more. That is, “what he writes sells ...”


Keeping the vendors you have fined for everyday items, cross-check their rates in the middle of the market or you can be cheated.


Put a habit of controlling cost at every stage. If you do not pay attention to it then it will run very fast. Do not take anything from anywhere, roam the market and find out the best cost-effective option, whether you are taking a vegetable or furniture.


Do not compromise with quality, it takes time to make a customer but not to break. As far as possible, take raw materials of drinking water yourself. If the baggage is correct, quality maintenance can be done.


Keep a small account of small expenses. Then you will know how much it felt and how much it got.

Advice for those who take the Franchise:


You can negotiate at the level of each. At the behest of the franchise, Saurabh ji started spending a lot on the look and feel of his restaurant, but he could have avoided it. You can also change the terms and conditions of revenues sharing. I.e. franchisees are flexible and you can do some things in your fever by chatting. Try it for free.


Friends, this post is probably my longest post ever (4000+ words), and if you’ve been reading and reading here, first of all, I thank you for giving you precious time. At the same time, I thank Saurabh ji for many and all the AKC readers and thank all the best wishes.


Naturally, if you are interested in the restaurant business then you may have more questions related to it. Please tell us through your question comments so that Saurabhji or any other experienced entrepreneurs can answer your questions.

And in the end, one more thing is to say that the things shared in this post are based on the experience of a person and the rates mentioned are according to the market of Gorakhpur. So when you start this work then open-minded Stay and face whatever challenges come in, let’s grow if you have a seed of entrepreneurship inside you, and show yourself a successful entrepreneur by yourself.

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