MS Dhoni Excellent Reply to Journalist on Retirement After …

MS Dhoni is giving this answer in a funny way about the questions about retirement

In the World Cup 2015, the Indian team went out of the semifinals, since then a question in Indian cricket has been continuously buoyant that when Mahendra Singh Dhoni will retire? On this question, Dhoni sometimes got angry, and he responded to reporters in a very interesting manner.

In the World Cup 2015, the Indian team went out of the semifinals, since then a question in Indian cricket has been continuously buoyant that when Mahendra Singh Dhoni will retire? . In response to this question in February 2016, before answering this question, he said, “The questions rise very much. Let me see a letter, please, brother, after that time you talk about the matter and go out. Will be

It is not that you have the freedom to ask questions, then you should ask any questions in every way. ‘Not only this but at this time Captain Dhoni also replied that’ if you ask the same questions repeatedly, then My answer will not change. It’s the same way that you will ask my name, I will tell MS Dhoni only until my name is changed. ‘

Well, this thing was very much in the media. It was discussed in every way. Soon after the Asia Cup, a foreign reporter asked the same question before the T20 World Cup, whose answer was given by Dhoni himself in a different way. He summoned the journalist along with him on the stage and asked, ‘Do you want me to retire.’ Responding to this question, the journalist did not answer, Dhoni again said that you are not even an Indian, that your children or relatives will be coming to the team.

The questions asked before the 2016 T20 World Cup did not stop even after the Indian team’s journey to the semi-finals. Due to Dhoni’s fade performance due to Dhoni’s bat. In 2016, Dhoni scored 278 runs in 13 one-day matches with a strike rate of 80. During this time, only a half century was imposed and an average of 27.8. 

These figures and questions related to Sanyas are under pressure or the new selectors of the BCCI, after the start of the new year, Dhoni left the captaincy. Since then, this year, with the help of 1 century and 5 half-centuries, 627 runs in 19 matches have been scored at an average of 89.57. His strike rate of 85.65 was, in which on many occasions the team was taken out of difficult situations to the threshold of victory


During this time, Dhoni is not only picking runs alone, but he is also preparing a team of Team India’s new finishers. With Dhoni, players such as Kedar Jadhav, Manish Pandey, are sometimes becoming heroes of the players like Hardik Pandya and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. Finisher Dhoni has now become mentor Dhoni Dhoni’s experience and his Indian team need

Former Test captain and NDTV’s cricket expert Sunil Gavaskar told us that he guides young players. Because of them, players like Kedar, Hardik, and Bhubaneswar are showing maturity and are getting better. When fielding, they tell the spinners and the bowlers where to bowl and set the field. The good part of the Indian team is that they are able to take advantage of their experience.

‘Looking at Dhoni’s ODI records, he will be among the best players in this format. In 302 ODIs, he has scored 9737 runs with an average of more than 52, including 10 centuries and 66 half-centuries. In the last one-day series against Sri Lanka, Dhoni has done the world record of most stumping and most not out. In the Chennai ODI, he became the fourth Indian to score 100 international half centuries after Sachin, Sourav and Rahul trio. After the same trio, the fourth Indian to touch 10 thousand in ODIs Can also become.

With figures of 10 thousand ODI runs, they are just 263 runs away. In front of all these figures, today the Indian team needs metier Dhoni, whoever is the only one to win the ICC Trophy, but today they are working to shape the future of Indian cricket.