The disclosure of the coach – the people of MS Dhoni also want to retire

The disclosure of the coach - the people of MS Dhoni also want to retire

New Delhi, JNN MS Dhoni Retirement: Former India captain and current wicketkeeper-batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s retirement is now being discussed. Critics are now advised to retire MS Dhoni, who has made simple performances in the World Cup 2019. At the same time, many supporters want Dhoni to play for some time and White Ball cricket.
But, what is now revealed is very shocking. Indeed, MS Dhoni’s family members do not want him to be seen in Team India’s blue jersey. MS Dhoni’s childhood coach Keshav Banerjee has said that Dhoni’s parents also want him to retire. However, neither Dhoni himself nor the selectors are speaking anything on Dhoni’s retirement.

On Sunday, Keshav Banerjee met his parents in Ranchi, MS Dhoni’s old home. During this time his parents said that now Dhoni should retire. Keshav Banerjee said, “The parents of MS Dhoni told me that the entire media want Dhoni to retire and we think that this is correct, he said that we can not handle this huge property anymore.”

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Keshav Banerjee also said that he had demanded from the parents of Dhoni that 38-year-old Dhoni should play one year T20 World Cup by 2020, which is going to be held in Australia. World Cup 2019 favorites were defeated in Team India semi-finals. In this same World Cup, Dhoni scored 273 runs in 8 innings, which included two half-centuries.

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TikTok, a very good platform to show talent, gives its users a clean and secure environment

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Apps have made everyday life easier. However, online safety continues to be a big topic for everyone today. In such a way, companies running the app should create a clean and secure environment for their users so that they can get a better experience. TikTok has started working for this. FEATURES in its app not only gives users a sense of security but also provide a better experience. Apart from this, TikTok is also running a campaign called InternetSafety for #SafeHumSafeInternet. The purpose of this campaign is that Internet users understand their responsibility and do not share any violent and obscene videos and keep the app like TikTok clean and tidy.

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Please tell TikTok, which is a social media app. Through this app, people are fulfilling their hobbies. It has made its place in the hearts for millions of users in a very short time. There will hardly be a person whose smartphone does not have the TikTok app installed. According to one figure, the TikTok Ape is one of the most downloaded apps in India. TikTok’s downloads in India are more than 200 million.

What is the specialty of this app?

Some talents are hidden inside a person, and the task of bringing the same talent in front of the society is TikTok Ape. You are in any corner of the country, if you have a smartphone and the Internet in it, then you are comfortable to show your talent or creativity. TikTok will give you a full time to celebrate. For this, you have to make a short video from your smartphone and upload it to the TikTok app. This is an easy app that does not force you to edit or upload it.

TikTok’s Safety Features

TikTok is an online application, in such a way it is misused. These are the people who want to contaminate and confuse society by making violent and pornographic videos. Let us know that TikTok has completely reinforced such people through the Community Guideline. For this, he has also created a team. Members of this team are technically expert and know-how to different languages, who are actively sorting wrong and illegitimate content 24 hours a day and seven days. Tell us this team has deleted millions of videos so far, and also suspended some accounts.

   The question is also the identity of the users and the safety of their content. There even TikTok does not take any action. So there are many great features in the TikTok’s app to keep your platform safe. These features give users a safe and secure environment while using the app and remove their fears. Let’s know about the same –

Device management

Through this feature, Indian users will have complete control over their accounts. Users will be able to eliminate the TikTok app’s session to maintain the security of their accounts, as well as remove the account from other devices. In this way, this feature will help users to avoid misuse of their account.

Screen time management

While using TikTok many times we do not know the time and we constantly keep using it for many hours. In such a way, screen time management can help you a lot. Through this, users have the facility of setting the deadline of 40, 60, 90 or 120 minutes to spend time on the app alongside parents. If you continue to use TikTok after reaching the deadline, you will have to enter a passcode.

Edge Gate

The name of this feature is known only to determine the age limit for using TikTok. This means that the facility of Age Gate has been given to keep young people or children away from TikTok. If you are 13 or older then you can create an account on TikTok.

Restricted Mode

This is a feature which can be restricted to inappropriate videos or content for users of young age by turning on. This feature is activated through a password that remains valid for 30 days. In this way, you will be able to provide the necessary video for the children through this feature.

Risk Warning Tags

TikTok has also included Risk Warning Tag in its features. Through this feature, TikTok places a tag on a video with dangerous and adventure activities. It is advisable not to duplicate that video with this tag.

Filter comments

Using this feature, users can manage comments coming on the app, which they consider to be inappropriate. In this, users can choose up to 30 keywords in Hindi and English, and modify them as you wish, which will also be filtered themselves.

TikTok Safety Center

With this feature, TikTok makes its users aware of online safety. For this, he also gives a lot of information and guidelines in 10 languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam).

TikTok is a very good platform to showcase your talent. This app is a great app for those villages and small towns, where talent and creativity do not appear in front of the people. If you have a talent or any hobby that you want to bring to society, then TikTok will not get a clean and secure platform. It is also believed to be a big institution like the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Under a collaboration, the National Skill Development Corporation wants to take advantage of the platform of TikTok Want to educate the users of AP’s about the government-run skill development programs and vocational training opportunities.