What is not necessary for becoming an entrepreneur?

What is not necessary for becoming an entrepreneur?

What is not necessary for becoming an entrepreneur?

I meet many people who talk about doing something different, talking about becoming an entrepreneur, talking about setting up a business… This is good! But the problem is that they have been doing this for many months or years, but in reality, they have not taken any step in this direction.

When I ask him what brother are you planning to do and how long will it be to start? So I get some answers like this:

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  •  Just do not decide, sit down and think about it …
  • Thinking of putting a school, or doing papad-pickle work … this …
  • One job is thought but no partner is getting …
  • You tell me what to do …
  • Most people are not clear about the work that they want to do, so how long does the question of starting do not arise.

Why is it that many people talk about becoming an entrepreneur or entrepreneur but cannot implement this thinking:

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  • They are not serious about becoming an entrepreneur … perhaps to say that “I want to be an entrepreneur” they just use it as a fashion statement and in reality, they have no desire to do this.
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  • They think that I am not ready for this work right now, “I do not have the experience”, “I do not have enough money now”
  • Fear of Failure “Where my plan has failed … ..” When the fear of failure is greater than the happiness of success then it is difficult to become an entrepreneur.
  • Current status correct If you are getting good money in the job then the person can think of the risk of taking up the risk, and he remains in the same place. I do not mind doing the job, if you are satisfied with it then it is right for you.

What is essential to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur:

  •  Have some desire to do something
  • There is clarity in mind about what to do.
  • Have full faith in your idea Whatever you are going to do if there are so many doubts in your mind about it, then it is difficult to succeed.
  • Be prepared for the failure. You may not click on your idea, in this case just take this as a lesson, and get together with a new idea.
  • Keep Backup Plan Ready We all have a risk appetite, beyond which we can not afford to risk So if your venture fails then how will you bounce back in such a way that it is necessary to have a plan. I think if you are in a job as well as you have a business idea in which you are desperately interested, then it would be better to resign from work and start your own work that you start as a side-business or you are a long time Take a break and run this idiotic pilot.
  • Perseverance: Be persistent about your work. At times, it may seem that you will not succeed, but on such occasions, you will have to talk positively with yourself, most of the entrepreneurs do not succeed because of not having this quality. He never knows that if he does not lose his courage and work, he will become a successful business.
  • A little bit of luck. First, I did not give importance to luck, but I have some such experiences that I think this is also an important factor.

Some myths related to entrepreneurship:


Entrepreneurs are born cannot be created: It is not so. Nobody can ever become an entrepreneur.

To be an entrepreneur, it is important to have an innovative idea: It is not so; you can succeed by successfully implementing the ideas implemented by others and implementing it again in your own way.


To become an entrepreneur is to be an experience: It is not necessary. Suhas Gopinath, whose success story I have shared with you on this blog, is one of the winning examples, that even at a young age multi-million dollar company can be raised.


To become an entrepreneur, it is important to be passionate about something: According to me, it is not necessary, but it is of course that if you are passionate then the chances of success of your business will increase manifold. For example, we all know that Kapil Dev has passion cricket but he is also a successful entrepreneur, his hotel business in Chandigarh. It is necessary to take interest in your business and to make efforts in it, but if you are passionate then it is a good thing to do on gold. Being an entrepreneur is a logical decision, as much effort you put into your job, if you put it in your business, then maybe you can earn a lot more.


To become an entrepreneur, it is necessary to have some kind of education or training: This is not necessary either. Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad was founded by some illiterate women, and today its turnover is more than Rs 650 crore.


Before starting your business, everything should be well planned: this is also a myth. Many people put their field on doing this before doing something on paper. It is necessary to start work by making some further planning, later on, the road itself becomes formed.

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Can be made an overnight cricketer by doing business: Absolutely wrong. In business, you have to create value first and then it has to sell. And it can take many years to do all this. Business There is a way to become rich but not shortcut

If you also want to be an entrepreneur or wish to do this in the future, then hopefully these articles will be helpful to you. The first shared post on this blog is to become a millionaire, quit the job …. Can also be helpful for you.

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