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Why did i recommended of network marketing business in 2021st


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    Why do I recommend  network marketing as a busin

The following  is an example of a type of letter  I often receive 
Dear. Mr. Kiyosaki, 

My name is susan and I am writing in regards to my husband, Alan.
  He has read all Your books and has such potential to be a great entrepreneur and businessman, I told him I was going to write you and ask your advice on something, Now personally ,I have never read one of your books so I do not know your standing on such topics, but my husband is putting  a lot  of time  into a company called (company name deleted).

They are a pyramid -scheme company that sells vitamins and other health – related products. The person on the top gets you to sell for him, and down the chain it goes.  

It would  not bother  me so if I did not feel it was such a waste of his time. Of all his effort to build up someone else’s name and company, someone else in the end is going to reap the benefits of his hard work. They sell him on the idea that he is going to reap the benefits of his hard work.

 They sell him on the idea that he is starting his own business  but I do not see his name on the company. How can it be his business if his name is not on the vitamins?  On top of that, he’s been working at it part time for over a year and he still has not made much money. 

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